History of ADOG (Association of Dog Owner’s Group)
And Fountain Hills Off Leash Recreational Facility (OLRF)

It all began on March 29th, 1998 when a meeting was held between 19 concerned dog owners and residents plus Al Lorenz, a Fountain Hills Parks Commissioner. The purpose of the meeting was to see what could be done to get the town to establish a permanent dog park of sufficient size for the demographics of the town. A sense of urgency was created because the Town Council was intending to eliminate early morning off leash use of the Golden Eagle baseball field where many residents let their dogs run free. 

In mid April of 1998 the first organized group meeting was held to establish a “dog club” and the name “Association of Dog Owners Group” (ADOG), was chosen. About 10 people attended the meeting and the first Board of Directors was elected comprised of Dan Regard, Cloud Downey, Morton Mitchell, Hillary Quinton, Phil Gollon, and Ken O’Hara. A set of by-laws for the club was codified and a Mission Statement was also written at this time. Following the initial meeting, a call for membership in ADOG resulted in 24 families joining in at a cost of $20.00/yr dues.  

To help justify land for a dedicated dog park, Parks and Recreation Dep’t Director, Robin Goodman, asked two ADOG members, Kim Marshburn and Hillary Quinton, to prepare a research report on dog parks. It culminated in a detailed “white paper” called “Report on Off-Leash Recreational Facility (OLRF) for Fountain Hills” and was delivered at the June ’98 Parks and Recreation meeting. The report was endorsed by the majority of Parks Commissioners and recommended to the Town Council for the establishment of a permanent OLRF in Fountain Hills.