Please help keep the Dog Park open by adhering to all Town and CDC guidelines.

The Town of Fountain Hills has re-opened the Dog Park and has asked that the Town and CDC guidelines be followed.  Regardless of your personal views abut the COVID19 situation – when visiting public areas like parks – we all need to be respectful of others and adhere to guidelines provided by the Town and CDC.

* Wear Face Coverings when in the park.
* Maintain Social Distancing – with a minimum of 6 feet between people at all times.
* Wash or sanitize hands after touching gate handles or any other surface handled by others.
* Do not pet other dogs unless the owner gives permission.
* Do not come to the park if you are feeling ill!

This pandemic and the information available to our Town leaders, State officials, government officials and scientists is extremely dynamic and changing daily as they learn more about the virus.   

The Town of Fountain Hills website is the best place to visit for up to date information regarding the Town’s actions in response to this global situation.  https://www.fh.az.gov/687/COVID-19

ADOG will continue to share information as it becomes available.  As a reminder ADOG has no authority over decisions regarding Town parks – including the dog park.  Given these very unprecedented times  – dealing with a virus that is extremely contagious and deadly for certain segments of our society – it is our responsibility to remain patient and do what is asked of us.  Stay safe!

Pets and COVID19

The scientists and researchers are learning more about the COVID19 virus every day.  There is a lot we still do not know about this virus.  Until more solid information is available – we advise that you remain cautious.  What we do know is that the virus is extremely contagious and deadly for certain segments of our society.  But what about our pets?

The research is ongoing and will take months if not years to really understand.  In the meantime – here is what we do know:

Pets do not seem to be as susceptible to the COVID19 virus. However – this is not conclusive.  If you show signs of being sick – it is always suggested that you use caution around your pets – especially cats.  Do not panic!  There have been no know deaths of domestic dogs or cats due to COVID19.  Just be safe!

    • Wash your hands often – especially after coughing
    • Avoid kissing your pets fur

A virus can live on many surfaces – including a pets fur.  While it is unknown for how long – and even if the COVID19 virus can live on fur – its best to believe it can.  For now:

    • Do not pet other peoples dogs
    • Do not allow others to pet your dog
    • Keep your pets as clean as possible. 

If someone pets your dog in public – do not panic!  Again – its very unlikely that you will get COVID19 from your dogs fur.  To be safe – simply take a washcloth with some soap (not a lot) and wipe him down when you get home.  Rinse the washcloth and wipe your pets fur with some water.  Dry with a towel and done!  Wash your hands after.

Take care of yourself!  Take care of your pets!  Take care of others!  We are all in this together – and we will all get thru this together!

Desert Vista Dog Park 20th Anniversary!

ADOG is working with the Town to establish a new date to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the
Desert vista dog park

DUE TO COVID19 – the event has been postponed.  A new date is TBD.  We will post updates as we know more.

Desert Vista Park Soccer Fields & Dog Park
Local Business Vendors
Pet Related Products / Services
Pet Contests
Food Trucks
Beer Garden Hosted by Bone Haus Brewery
Special Guest: Ranger Amy!

Did you know that Fountain Hills Desert Vista Dog Park was the FIRST official dog park in the state of AZ?   It’s also considered one of the best dog parks in the US.  Please join us in celebrating this amazing park that all of our local pups cherish!  Its also the 22nd anniversary of the ADOG organization – so we will be honoring the original members and organizers who have contributed so much to the lives of all dogs in our community.

We need volunteers to make this event amazing!  If you are interested in helping us plan for the event now, or on the day of the event with various needs, please email us!
Interested in participating in this event and supporting the local community?  We have several opportunities for vendors, sponsors, and more!  Our vendor packages are extremely reasonable as we want this to be a community wide event!  Please click below to email us for more information!