Warning to all dog owners!

The Toads are Back!
The Desert toads come out every year in the summer and you need to be aware of these reptiles as their glands are poisonous to your dog. ADOG has installed snake proof fencing around the bottom of the fences at the Desert Vista Dog Park – however – that does not mean your dog is 100% safe. These toads can get into small spaces so you need to be aware of what your dog is doing at all times. If your dog licks or bites a desert toad – you should follow these precautions immediately and seek veterinarian help.
Pet Poison Help Line Info Symptoms and Actions if your dog licks or bites a toad.


ADOG arranged for Rattlesnake Ready to provide Toad Aversion training last week and it was a great success.  If you missed the training you can contact R&R to discuss other training times or options.  Call Kate for more information today!  480-353-8390

In the meantime  – watch your dogs at all times and be prepared as the monsoon season hits – the toads will be out in full force once the rains hit!

If your dog licks or bites a toad – call your veterinarian immediately for assistance.