The chances of seeing toads now are extremely low.  They have very likely ventured back into their winter homes under ground.  It’s always prudent to be aware and watch your pups at the park – or anywhere – as toads, snakes, scorpions or other AZ critters are possible.  But for now – the toads should be gone.

Rattlesnakes are still out but are also going to be starting their winter residency in warm places.  However – that also means they are looking for nice homes to spend the winter.  They do not have access to Zillow so they will find and take possession of places they decide are warm and safe from the elements.  Places like garages, wood piles, sheds, are very attractive options.  Again – be aware and take precautions as you can.

We are very glad that the fencing installed by ADOG around the Desert Vista Dog Park seemed to eliminate the toad and snake visitors inside the park – keeping our pups safe to play!


If your dog licks or bites a toad or has an interaction with a rattlesnake – call your veterinarian immediately for assistance.