ADOG Mission Statement

 ADOG provides events, education and collaboration uniting the Fountain Hills Dog Community.


A staple among dog owners In Fountain Hills and the surrounding areas since 1998, the Association of Dog Owners Group (ADOG), is a not-for-profit organization whose primary purpose is to improve the lives of our canine companions at home and at play, and to engage the community at large through better communication with the Town of Fountain Hills and neighbors.

As an organization we have been part of pet adoption events, helped raise funds for the pet shelters, partnered with rescue groups, put up sight barriers between the dog parks to discourage barking, put on snake aversion training events for dogs, put up 3 shade Ramada’s in the dog parks and maintained them. We have built a splash pad in the big dog park, donated dog food to Pals Inn for the rescue dogs they take in, donated ice and swimming pools to the dog shelters during the summer when it was so hot.  In addition, Lighting in the park, the Chipping event, Paws around the Park, Halloween in the Hills, are some of the many things we do to try to improve the park and the lives of dogs.

We receive no money from the Town or from operational grants from any source but rely on your dues, fundraisers and your tax free personal donations.


ADOG continues to broaden its reach within the Fountain Hills community and surrounding areas focusing on improving the lives of dogs and dog owners in our community.  We focus on education, training, and community out reach.  ADOG has been asked by the Town of Fountain Hills to act as the liaison between the Town and resident dog owners collaborating and advising on Town ordinances, events and issues involving our canine residents.  This is mutually beneficial partnership between the Town and ADOG ensuring dogs, their owners and the other residents and business are all enjoying the Town cohesively.   ADOG does not enact or enforce any Town ordinances or rules relating to dogs, their owners, or dog parks.  ADOG acts only as a SME (subject matter expert) advising the Town when requested.  ADOG Members work together to ensure Fountain Hills is a great community for our canine residents and family members.